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Duo Peng

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人们对于另一个群体的认知,往往来源于自己主观的经验以及客观的主流声音的 评价,而这样的主流声音,往往以历史的形式存在,或者将被写入历史。因为这两种信息来源的综合,我们无法去否认这样认知的合理性与有效性。虽然,通常并不全面。


彭铎于1986年出生于中国武汉,现就读于旧金山艺术学院摄影专业研究生2年级。曾参与2012年好莱坞摄影创意中心的Freestyle Emerging Exhibition, 2012年Swell画廊的群展“The Spectator in the Dark”,以及2012年凤凰国际摄影节。


How people acknowledge another group as an outsider is always based on the subjective experiences they have, and the objective evaluation from a mainstream documentation -- which have been, or are going to be written in the historic archive.  Because of the combination of these two ways of knowing, we can hardly deny that it’s both rational and effective. However, it is usually not comprehensive.

Duo Peng develops projects on those ethnic groups, social movements, and areas which are related to his current living environment and cultural background, in a documentary style. Instead of using the power of an artist (which is the power to possibly dominate and affect the audience’s perspective of knowing) to deliver his personal values, Duo is presenting those “insignificant” moments and scenes in a simplistic way so the audiences might have the space to understand the project with their own knowledge and background.  

Born in Wuhan of China in 1986, Duo currently studies at the San Francisco Art Institute as a 2nd year Master of Fine Art in photography. He participated in 212 Freestyle Emerging Exhibition in Creative Center for Photography in Hollywood,  “The Spectator in the Dark” in Swell Gallery in San Francisco, and Chinese Phoenix International Photography Biennial.

contact: david3010746[at]gmail[dot]com