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Surface Read

In “Surface Read”, I, as the main character, shuttle between different ages -- both between my personal ages and China’s historical ages. Not only to think over the connection between “decoration” and similarity, but also to consider how western culture influences Chinese people.

As an after-80s girl, my memory is full of Disney, Hollywood and other western fragments. Western popular culture through various cultural factors, including movies, affects the Chinese understanding of aesthetics. At the same time, the networked mode of communications is of a multicultural blend, and has also radically changed the cultural ideology of the Chinese people.

Through “studio photo,” everyone can be set as a Hollywood star. In one moment, people can play sexy Scarlett Johnson, or maverick Lady Gaga; or set the photo background in the Golden Gate Bridge or Beverly Hills. California culture is accepted and chased by the younger generation in China, and it is becoming a kind of Chinese social symbol. As a witness to this social symbol, studio photo is considered as a mirror in the form of Chinese multi-culture. 

With an eye toward the universal, “Surface Read” links the ideas of the Chinese private aesthetics with the western cultural impact. Surface Read considers the profound influences of intercultural complexity, and questions the dichotomy between what is changing and what will continue in modern China.







通过艺术照,每个人都可以在一瞬间被定格为一个好莱坞明星。人们可以扮演性感的约翰逊·斯嘉丽或者特立独行的lady gaga,同时也可以自由的把自己的照片背景设定在金门大桥或比佛利山庄。加州文化如今受到中国年轻一代的接受与追捧,成为一种模仿对象和重要符号。而影楼照,作为这种社会符号的见证者,是思考中国文化形态的一面多棱镜。