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The Moholy Ground Project (MGP) creates opportunities for artists to gain exposure, experience, and to present significant new work. We believe that it is more important than ever to cultivate new work and inspire critical dialogue in the arts. Named after Lazlo Moholy-Nagy, MGP honors the spirit and relentless dedication to experimentation that Moholy-Nagy pursued in his life and work. 

MGP is a non-profit based in San Francisco that facilitates arts publications including MOH Magazine, MOH Online, various artist books and exhibition catalogs; teaches classes in the Adobe Creative Suite environment to underprivileged youth in our SOMA district office; facilitates independent curatorial projects; and offers event services and classes to art and nonprofit organizations throughout the greater Bay Area. Love of Sun is the first independent curatorial project MGP has supported.

"It is only natural that we take notice when things change fast or dramatically, but it’s the small subtle changes that are actually dangerous or transcendent - great art pays attention."

John McCoy